Ibn Al-‘Arabi’s Conception Of Religion


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This work begins with the discourse of the Qur’an and Prophetic Tradition on Islam and other religious traditions. It then present a historical survey of Muslim works in the field of comparative study of religious, written by some philosophers, theologians and sufis. The work also deals sufficiently with the personal background of Ibn al-“Arabi, arguable the greatest representative of the sufis. There are also specific capters on the visionary metaphysician’s general conception of religion; and, his interpretation of Qur’anic terminologies such as Islam, din, fitrah, mithaq, iman, kufr, shari’ah, minhaj, nubuwwah, risalah, millah and ummah. A highly controversial issue of Ibn al-‘Arabi’s view on the diversity of religions; his understanding of the Qur’anic views of naskh and tahrif, and his remarks about the non-Muslims’ paramount doctrines, especially regarding those of the Ahl al-Kitab, are also considerabley discussed.

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